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Maternity Stylist


MATERNITY STYLIST offers fashionistas and non-fashionistas the chance to shop with a professional personal stylist in the comfort of their own home/office or in the Blanchardstown Centre where there are ample stores with stunning maternity looks for affordable prices.

Shirley is aware that not all pregnant women enjoy shopping especially if you have been sick or tired so she has set out to provide a personal shopping service to your home if you are unable to find comfy yet stylish maternity wear in your local stores. Our professional personal stylists will call to you with a range of styles/colours and sizes suited to your budget and they will put together a capsule wardrobe suited to you, a wardrobe of key pieces which can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

We choose your capsule wardrobe with you in mind, addressing your need to feel stylish yet comfortable without spending a fortune.

Maternity wear is renowned for being either cheap and disposable or expensive and old fashioned. This ultimately leads to a frustrated and disappointed customer who feels like she has to compromise her style because of her bump. Now with the launch of MATERNITY STYLIST, pregnant women all over the country can expect superior quality and style while still being kind to the purse strings.

“We are firm believers that you do not have to jeopardise your style just because you are pregnant and we also believe the use of colour should be maximised throughout your pregnancy so you will consistently look and feel good, so if you feel like you need a pick me up or would like advice on the best maternity style and colours to suit you personally, then we will come to your home or you can visit us in the Blanchardstown Centre".

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