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Become A Personal Stylist

Comprehensive Training Course – Women’s, Men’s & Corporate Styling

If you are looking for a complete training course in all aspects of fashion & personal styling including women’s, men’s and corporate styling, this comprehensive course is for you! The timing of this course is perfect as it allows you to market and promote your services and capitalise on the new season ahead!

The total course cost for our 5 day Personal Stylist course is €1500 and this includes:

Ø  2 days of intense theory

Ø  3 days of practical assignments with "real" clients in large department stores

Ø  Start your own business course

Ø  Practical shadowing experience

Ø  Mentoring support


Students are also required to complete 3 assignments on the first 3 evenings of the course to increase product knowledge.

Our main aim for all students is to enter the industry almost immediately to retrieve your course cost and our course seems to be fulfilling that at the moment. Our course is also certified so it is something that you will have and can take with you forever.
I can assure you that we will do everything in our power to help you succeed in this exciting and lucrative industry.


Our course not only covers Personal Shopping, it also includes:

·         Male & female image

·         Colour analysis

·         Body analysis

·         Style analysis

·         Wardrobe weeding & restyling

·         Corporate styling & workshops

·         Creating press releases TV & media

·         Starting your own business

·         Marketing & promoting your business to maximise success

There is nothing in the course that is not covered, hence the majority of students entering the industry almost immediately after course completion.

We will also help you master the art of styling during our practical days where you will be conducting personal shopping on "real" clients in large department stores for 3 full days! You will be styling one "real" client per day who will have a "real" budget to spend so your theory will be put to practice. You will also have to complete 3 assignments per course which will allow you to build your product knowledge!
Your career opportunities are endless from personal shopping, fashion styling, bridal shopping, corporate styling & boutique workshops among many and we will give you everything required to enter the industry and ensure your success & longevity in the industry. I can assure you after 5 days of intense training, you will be brimming with enthusiasm and confidence and will be ready to launch your marketing and promotions plan. Every student that attends our course wants to be there and is ready to take the leap so any further questions you may have, we will be more than happy to answer them for you.


Key features -
-Five day course – led by renowned UK & Ireland Personal & Fashion stylist Shirley Lane from The Image Academy.
-A unique mix of both theory classroom training + practical, hands-on experience in stores
-NOT a correspondence course – nothing beats face to face training. Correspondence courses may be cheap and easy but they don't prepare you for real life clients!
-Provides you with maximum confidence in personal fashion styling to target a contemporary male, female & corporate market.

-An opportunity to shadow and learn directly from Shirley Lane from the Image Academy
-Groups limited to maximum of 8 students to ensure maximum attention for each student
-Course notes provided for your future reference
-A Certificate Of Completion from The Image Academy will be awarded to all participants to certify that you have been trained in this course such as the certificates awarded to the students below:

Book early to avoid disappointment

5 day: intense Personal Stylist course

15th-19th July, 2016 - Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, Dublin

Total Cost includes course material and Certificate on completion


Please email your details to: to reserve your place or for additional details

 **Please note that course fees are non refundable.**

We strive to meet every student prior to signing up to our course as we feel it's hugely beneficial to the student before they sign up to a course that can ultimately change their lives. 





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