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Citroen Ireland 

As a very proud & honoured Brand Ambassador, I feel it is imperative to show all of you soon to be fashionistas a Stylist's dream car- the unique & ever so stylish Citroen DS3!


Citroen DS3



What do you drive now? 
I drive a very stylish Citroen DS3 which is the best car Iíve ever had.

Any funky features? It has many! Iíve a wine colour coded roof & mirror frame! I also have the most amazing glossy dashboard which I love!

Describe your style My style would be classic with a twist with the emphasis on the Ďtwistí! I love clothes that are practical & stylish but they have to have the ĎWOWí factor whether itís from a nice jacket or an amazing neckpiece of which I have plenty! Iíve nothing in my wardrobe that I donít Ďloveí!!

Does this car fit with your style? Absolutely! The DS3 has everything Iíve ever looked for in a car. Itís stylish with amazing performance yet easy to run!

What do you never leave home without? I would never leave home without my Iphone! I think Iíve a slight addiction!!

Who would be your dream passenger? My dream passenger would be Josh Groban! Sad I know but I just love him! He could serenade me while I drive!

Ideal road trip for the DS3 Iíve had many road trips in my DS3. As a stylist, I attend many events but I also weed out & restyle a lot of clients wardrobes all over the country so Iím on the road quite a lot and thatís why having a stylish car is so important!!

What CD are you listening to in your car? Right now, Iím listening to Emile Sande quite a bit as I think sheís amazing!

Describe yourself in three words Stylish, fun & loyal!


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