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Corporate Image

On a scale of 1 - 10 where would you put your Company’s image?

Shirley Lane is a high energy presenter who will inspire and motivate your staff to new levels of professionalism. As the founder and director of Personal Stylist & Style and Image Corporate Consultancy, Shirley leads by example with a dedication to help individuals achieve their full potential through improved personal presentation.

Personal Impact is a skill that complements your employee’s qualifications and credentials and supports their career. I will teach your employees how to identify and delete career-limiting dress habits and replace them with information, skills and strategies which will empower and add weight to your corporate message.
Your employees will enjoy increased confidence and high visual credibility plus all the benefits which stream from these: improved perf
ormance, enhanced bottom line, greater contribution to the team and a healthy sense of self.

We’ll cover all the best business colours. Colour is one of your visual messages, used every minute of every day in your professional and personal life. Do your colour choices complement and support your image?


Our course is tailored to suit your needs and the seniority of staff involved:
Senior Management
Junior Management
Support staff

We customise the programs to your industry, and your organisation specific characteristics, vision, and brand.

Topics Covered in Group Consultations

All programmes are tailored to the organisations needs.

Psychological power of Colour in Business
How to present a powerful and lasting first impression.
Professional Image
Business Etiquette
Smart Casual Dilemmas
Make-up Demonstration
Personal Shopping
The Importance of Grooming
Wardrobe Consultation
Male Image
Graduate Programs
Business Accessories

All programmes have impact, are innovative, fun and encourage participants to be actively involved.

Please contact us on 085-1014444 or email info@personalstylist.ie for further information on how we can make a positive impact on your company.



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